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Islam is one of the most prominent religions in the world today with at least million people practicing. Islam is a voluntary relationship between an individual and his creator. Islam emerged in Arabia during the early 7th century. Islam means "submission" in Arabic, which is the basis for the religionsubmitting to the Will of God.

76606 essay

July 12, It's for school and due in 14 hours When homosexuality was first acknowledged, most of the alleged homosexuals ended up in mental asylums; being thought of as broken or a danger to heterosexuals.

76606 essay

Now things have changed, and America has developed a different way of dealing with people who are different from the general population. Although the origins of homosexuality have been the primary focus of America for decades, there is another debate going on about a newer sexual orientation called Asexuality.

Asexuality is a sexual orientation where one does not feel sexual attraction to any gender and usually has a low sex drive.

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After first hearing about Asexuality, many are confused and usually make false assumptions on what Asexuality actually is. Those who are confused by the whole concept of someone being asexual assume that the person has a mental disorder or an imbalance in hormones.

Being Asexual should not be thought of as any kind of disorder, a result of trauma, or something defective in the person and needs to be accepted as a sexual orientation. It takes a massive amount of courage for anyone of a different sexual identity to come out to loved ones.

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With other wide-known orientations, such as homosexuality or bisexuality, reactions to the coming-out can be narrowed down to a few different responses.

Usually these reactions are: Many do not believe in Asexuality, so a common response is simply denial in its existence. The individual is often deemed as repressing a different conflicting issue by claiming they are Asexual; usually being assumed as being a closeted homosexual.

In a sense, this claim may be true; some Asexuals have preferences for the same sex, but that does not necessarily make them a homosexual. A different denial reaction could be simply stating that the Asexual has not found the right person yet or do not know what they are talking about.college application essay pay jmu Greetings friends!

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76606 essay

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