Awesome science fair projects

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Awesome science fair projects

Maille Lyons on March 7, Airplane projects are easy, cheap, popular, and fun — but suffer from 2 problems. Lack of standardization in the procedure i. Lack of creativity This post is to help you get past these obstacles.

Science You Can Eat!

Use Paper Airplanes for an easy, 1-day science fair project that is fun! Your first big challenge is to find a way to standardize the throwing part of the procedure.

Think about ways to make sure the throw or release is the same each time — your arm is just not precise enough. If you drop it from a decent height, you may not need to propel it forward.

Alternatively, could you build something to launch it? Also think about where you will do the experiment and how you might have to handle variables such as wind or air conditioning or heating drafts. Assuming you find a way to standardize the experimental procedure, your next challenge is to decide what it is you want to manipulate independent variable and what you will measure dependent variable.

Awesome science fair projects

Quantitative variables you can measure may include: Ultimately, this will translate into a more detailed project and a better grade.

Next, figure out which independent variable you will change to see if it has an impact. Here are three strategies. You need to pick ONE for each set of experiments repeated 3 timesbut since they are quick trials, you could evaluate more than one independent variable.

Strategies to prepare your students for the Science Fair Expo / Fair

The more you do, the better the project. Remember that EACH plane must either 1 be thrown at least 3 times 5 to 10 times would be better OR 2 you need to make 3 copies of the plane and throw each 1 time this is technically better Strategy 1:Advanced Science Fair Project Ideas - for advanced high school and college students and teachers.

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Now you can get more Science Explorer activities and support our museum at the same time. Both Science Explorer books can now be purchased online at our new Exploratorium . I love this collection of award-winning science-fair projects -- I spent many a happy afternoon measuring surface tension, modelling DNA with plasticene, and so on: In the category of mathematics.

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But this is just a quick note to let you know that we had such great feedback from the people that have used our online Science Fair Project Kits information that we’re going to add several additional topics for the school year, so be on the look-out for.

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