Benefits and drawbacks of public and private education in australia

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Benefits and drawbacks of public and private education in australia

Bring fact-checked results to the top of your browser search. The Mongol period — The Mongols were ferocious fighters but inept administrators. Distrustful of the Chinese, they enlisted the services of many nationalities and employed non-Chinese aliens.

To facilitate the employment of these aliens, the civil service examinations were suspended for a number of years. Later, when a modified form of examinations was in effect, there were special examinations for Mongol candidates to make sure of their admission into high offices.

The Mongols despised the Chinese and placed many limitations on them. Consequently, an aftermath of Mongol rule was a strong antiforeign reaction on the part of the Chinese, accompanied by an overanxious desire to preserve the Chinese heritage.

Despite the setback in Chinese culture under Mongol rule, the period was not devoid of positive cultural development. The increase in foreign contacts as a result of travel to and from China brought new ideas and new knowledge of other lands and other peoples.

Mathematics and medicine were further influenced by new ideas from abroad.

Benefits and drawbacks of public and private education in australia

The classics were translated into the Mongol languageand the Mongol language was taught in schools. Private schools and the academies of the Song dynasty became more popular. As a result of a decrease in opportunities for government appointment, scholars withdrew into the provinces for study and tutoring.

Relieved of the pressure of preparing for the examinations, they applied their talents to the less formal but more popular arts and literary forms, including the drama and the novel. Instead of the classical form, they used the vernacularor the spoken, language. The Ming period — The Ming dynasty restored Chinese rule.

Ming was famous for its ceramics and architecture. There were excellent painters too, but they were at best the disciples of the Tang and Song masters. The outstanding intellectual contribution of the period was the novel, whose development was spurred by increases in literacy and in the demand for reading materials.

Ming novels are today recognized as masterpieces of popular vernacular literature. It was a gigantic work resulting from the painstaking efforts of 2, scholars over a period of five years.

It ran into more than 11, volumes, too costly to print, and only two extra copies were made. The examination system remained basically the same. In the early period of the dynastythe schools were systematized and regularized. In the latter part of the dynasty, however, the increasing importance of the examination system relegated the schools to a secondary position.

The decline of the state-supported schools stimulated the further growth of private education. Under Emperors Kangxi and Qianlonglearning flourished, but there was little originality.

The alien Manchu rulers concentrated on the preservation of what seemed best for stability and the maintenance of the status quo. They wanted new editions of classical and literary works, not creative contributions to scholarship.

Distrust of the Chinese by the Manchus and a feeling of insecurity caused the conquerors to erect barriers between themselves and the Chinese.

The discriminatory policy was expressed in the administration of the examinations. To assure the appointment of Manchus to government posts, equal quotas were set aside for the Manchus and the Chinese, although the former constituted only about 3 percent of the population.

The Chinese thus faced the keenest competition in the examinations, and those who passed tended to be brilliant intellects, whereas the Manchus could be assured of success without great effort. Schools were encouraged and regulated during the early period of the dynasty.

The public school system consisted of schools for nobles, national schools, and provincial schools. Separate schools were maintained for the Manchus, and for their benefit Chinese books were translated into the Manchu language.

Village and charitable schools were supported by public funds, but they were neglected in later years so that, by the end of the dynasty, private schools and tutoring had overshadowed them. At the threshold of the modern era, China had sunk into political weakness and intellectual stagnation.

The creativity and originality that had brightened previous periods of history were now absent. Examinations dominated the educational scene, and the content of the examinations was largely literary and classical.

Daoism and Buddhism had lost their intellectual vigour, and Confucianism became the unchallenged model of scholarship.A workmate recently got one but he didn't just go and buy one.

He went to hospital and stayed overnight while they stuck things on him and did tests. Mass education headed the list. Building on earlier precedents, most governments in western Europe established universal public schooling in the s and ’80s, .


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Benefits and drawbacks of public and private education in australia
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