Cause and effect martin luther king

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Cause and effect martin luther king

As the early reformer John Huss was about to be burned at the stake, he prophesied of Martin Luther. Both the date of that prophecy and of Luther's birth appear to be significant.

Martin Luther There were many great reformers during the Renaissance in Europe. They compared the scriptures to their church's teachings and discovered significant problems. When the movement began, most of them were in the clergy of the Catholic Church, which was the only Christian Church there at that time.

Nearly every one of them wanted only to "reform" the church, to get it back to the original principles, but when that effort met incredible resistance, the many Protestant churches began to form.

The most famous reformer was Martin Luther of Germany, for whom the Lutheran church is named. His success was due in part to avoiding being slain for his cause.

Many preceding him had been executed for heresy disagreeing with the pope. Luther began his work after being inspired by the work of John Huss, a Czech Bohemian reformer who had been burned at the stake a century before him.

One article summarizes Huss's influence on Luther thus: Early in his monastic career, Martin Luther, rummaging through the stacks of a library, happened upon a volume of sermons by John Huss, the Bohemian who had been condemned as a heretic. But the reformers also looked to Huss's life, in particular, his steadfast commitment in the face of the church's cunning brutality.

Then we will consider more about Martin Luther, including an amazing dream that referenced Huss's work. Next we will look at the significance of the dates of the prophecy and of Luther's birth, and finally we will consider the relationship of Martin Luther to the great antediluvian prophet Enoch.

She and her attendants had been influenced by John Wycliffe's beginning the Reformation in England. Huss, in his early twenties, read Wycliffe's works, caught the vision and decided to reform the church in Bohemia.

He was ordained to the priesthood, and became rector of the Bethlehem Chapel in There he began teaching his ideas to reform the Catholic Church to follow the Bible.

Dr. King's Assassination

He wrote a tractate called "Six Errors" and tacked it to the church door of the Bethlehem Chapel. That list would become one of the foundational documents of the Protestant Reformation.

It might be worth a moment to consider just what the most important problem was. Of the six errors Huss listed, [3] perhaps the most fundamental was that church members were required to believe in the pope as the representative of God and obey his commandments.

Cause and effect martin luther king

Note that there is a confirmation in modern scripture of this principle. The classic example is that there were Jews who believed in Moses, and yet they had the Son of God executed for heresy.

In Pope Innocent demanded that Huss stop teaching. But other events occurred such that he was promoted to rector of the entire university. His sermons drew huge crowds and his followers became known as Hussites.

Some of Huss's writings were burned and the situation became more tense. Then the pope ordered indulgences to be sold in Prague, which Huss vehemently denounced.

John then had to flee Prague, but while in exile he wrote his most important work Concerning the Church in which he claimed the Church was founded on Christ, not Peter. That didn't slow him down much, so he was summoned to trial at Constance, Germany on the charge of heresy.

He arrived in November, At his trial, when asked to deny his published statements, he agreed to only if they could be proven wrong by the Bible. He gave marvelous answers to the questions and was a valiant spokesman for the cause of truth.

Cause and effect martin luther king

He was given many chances to recant but steadfastly refused. As the fire was being lit that fateful day in July,John Huss gave an inspired prophecy.

There are many versions of it, but the following appears to be the most authentic: As the official executioner was about to light the pyre at the feet of the reformer, he said, "Now we will cook the goose.

Before we discuss Luther in more detail, let us look at the importance of the martyrdom date.Martin Luther King’s path to the Nobel Peace Prize took him to several countries and included encounters with J.

Edgar Hoover, and the founders of the British civil rights movement. But it began with a Quaker in Philadelphia. Colin W. Bell, a career charitable worker, wrote the first nominating letter that led to King’s award, [ ].

Martin Luther King was nothing but a troublemaker, and the entire so-called “civil rights movement” a collection of tantrum-throwers. There is a proper way in these United States to get unpopular laws changed — and it does not involve throwing tantrums.

Transcript of I have a Dream by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Cause and Effect An example of cause and effect in the story is when Mr. King holds a speech at the Lincoln Memorial and calls for everyone to have equal rights, for a better America and to stop racism.

The effect was that people changed their views on racism. cause-he promoted peace,freedom,and equalityeffec-white ad afican americn people got alng,both had eqaulrights.

Martin Luther King Jr., an American clergyman and civil rights leader, was shot at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee, on April 4, King was rushed to St.

Joseph's Hospital, and was pronounced dead at p.m. was a prominent leader of the Civil Rights Movement and a Nobel Peace Prize laureate who was known for his use of nonviolence and civil disobedience.

This cause and effect matching activity can be used in literacy centers, reading stations, small group, or whole group. Facts from the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. are arranged in a cause and effect matching activity.4/5(69).

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