Essays on patriarchy

November 1, Sample Essay Patriarchal benefits are confined to Africa, in Asia it is absolutely a benefit that the male is entitled to.

Essays on patriarchy

Patriarchy and the NSW health care system Patriarchy and the NSW health care system This research intends to discover whether the concept of patriarchy is responsible for the under representation of women in senior positions of the health system; and so working towards the identification of further reasons behind this under representation.

Essays on patriarchy

This shall be achieved by exploring the relationships between senior male doctors and female doctors within NSW and by looking, in depth, at the experiences of both female and male doctors of promotion within the NSW health system.

Although the numbers of women holding senior positions within the health system have been steadily rising, women are still under represented after 20 years since the sex discrimination act was passed in The unequal representation in senior positions means that the health system may not be benefiting from the full talent available.

This is not the only limitation of under representation. Decision making may also suffer; having a non representative panel of decision makers means that it is less likely that policies, plans and services will be the most appropriate.

Much research has been done into the under representation of women in dominant positions of employment not just in health and the effects of patriarchy on the status of women in the labour market; but patriarchy and the glass ceiling within the health system have not been thoroughly investigated using qualitative methodology.

This research intends to discover whether and how patriarchy is an issue within the NSW health system in an attempt to highlight gender inequalities and so improve the status of women in the health system.

Literature Review Patriarchy can be defined as: As suggested in the definition, patriarchy occurs in all types of society and is accepted in many as part of the culture.

In western countries, patriarchy is an unwelcome notion in most spheres of society, especially employment, Bilton et al, Many theories have arisen explaining the status of women in the labour market; we shall look briefly at some in order to understand how male dominance affects women in the labour market.

In Theorizing Patriarchy Walby discusses the shift from private to public patriarchy.

Essays on patriarchy

Since the industrial revolution, patriarchy has developed from the home into industry, and now women are oppressed in both spheres. A component of public patriarchy is gender segregation, and more specifically for this research, vertical segregation.

Vertical segregation is the concentration of women in lower status jobs than men in the same organisation, Hakim, The difficulty in the progression to senior positions is often thought to be due to the glass ceiling effect, that is, an invisible barrier preventing their progression; women can see the positions but are unable to reach them, Bilton et al, The glass ceiling is said to be placed and held there by men who work above the barrier, that is, those in senior positions.

There are many theories why the glass ceiling exists. Whitehead believes that one reason for this is that for women to achieve power men have to give it up. This equates to the failure of men; meaning the glass ceiling, and so patriarchy, provides the opportunities for men to succeed and remain dominant.

A further explanation of the glass ceiling comes from Socialist feminism. The glass ceiling keeps women in low grade, less responsible jobs so they can be used as a reserve army of workers that can be employed and dismissed as necessary, so benefiting capitalism, Bruegal, There are some researchers who feel that the glass ceiling theory is not responsible for the under representation of women.Essays & Papers Patriarchy Is the Root of Gender Inequalities Essay - Paper Example Patriarchy Is the Root of Gender Inequalities Essay Many feminist argue that patriarchy is the root of gender inequalities in the world - Patriarchy Is the Root of Gender Inequalities Essay introduction.

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