Good speakers are made

Whatever the reason, keynote speakers are integral to any gathering of professionals looking to further themselves with knowledge and networking. A good keynote speech should inspire and unify an audience with a common purpose. He or she should also provide direction for the conference purposes and goals. What you need to do is to sell the theme of the event.

Good speakers are made

Getty Some people like to learn from mistakes. Others prefer to learn by finding out what to do instead of what not to do. Last month, I shared 10 phrases great speakers never say.

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A number of people emailed saying, "Great, but what should I do? Reinforce who you are. At most conferences, you will be introduced, and that introduction should make the audience look forward to hearing your story.

But even though the audience might know something about you, it still makes sense to say a little bit extra about yourself. Framing that makes it easier for people to digest what you are saying is too often overlooked.

Help everyone find you. That slide is usually displayed for about three milliseconds before the projector is switched off. Before people in your audience even have time to reach for a pencil or laptop, your information is gone. Provide your contact information on the opening screen, and keep it there for Good speakers are made while.

I generally start and close with my Twitter handle Boris and invite people to contact me there. You can write the information down later. When you want to explain something to an audience, see if you can translate it into a story, an anecdote, or even a joke.

If you need to convey data or information, tie it to a story. If the story is funny, even better! Entertain as much as inform. An often forgotten point: Your job is to, at least in part, entertain the members of your audience. Why not reward them with something interesting or funny?

Your goal is not to use up every available minute. I used to be very concerned with how much time I had for talks; my biggest fear was that I would run out of things to talk about.

Now my only concern is giving a great presentation. If that means ending a minute slot after 15 minutes, fine--you can always take more questions from your audience. The better your presentation, the more questions you will get.

Provide something to take home. I always try to think of something specific I can deliver--in words, not in swag--that the members of the audience can apply as soon as they get back to work. I learned that from a speaker at one of our events who had a hugely inspiring story, but then interrupted himself and said something like: Inspiration is cool and productive, but it really helps if you have something tangible to offer that your audience can apply right away.

Good speakers are made

Feel free to repeat. Plus, things you think are logical and even self-evident might not immediately make sense to everyone in your audience. If you want to explain a certain principle, first explain it. Then give two examples of your principle at work.

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I agree with #1. That’s why speakers should be paid, so we don’t have to sell ourselves from the stage. It’s not good for the audience, the meeting planner, or the speaker.

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