Hassanns story

My uncle used to record cricket matches on his VCR and one day he asked me to do the recording for him while he was at work.

Hassanns story

I was walking with five friends and when we approached a roadblock, a rocket fell down straight on us. Three of my friends died instantly. Hassan had suffered terrible injuries to his stomach and left hand. Alone and afraid Because of the continuous bombing and curfews in Homs, Hassan could not contact his wife and three children, to tell them he was alive.

Just as they must have thought he was killed, he had no idea if he would ever see them again.

Hassanns story

Only three weeks later, they saw me on television and knew I was injured and was being treated in Lebanon. Hassan hoped that the hospital in Lebanon would be able to save his hand which had been so badly injured in the rocket attack.

However, the infection was severe, antibiotics were not strong enough. After a week alone and in pain, doctors told Hassan that they would need to amputate his Hassanns story. I slept for long hours and when I woke up, I remembered simple scenes of everyday life like holding my baby girl with both hands.

Injured but not broken After the amputation, Hassan received the happy news that he would soon be reunited with his wife and family.

Yet he could not imagine how he could show them his amputated hand. Yet he was determined that nothing should come between him and his ambitions to care for his family. He asked the hospital for a prosthetic hand but the cost was too high for him.

She was paying daily visits to Tripoli Hospital to conduct a rapid needs assessment of injured Syrian refugees. Like other injured people, I was evaluating his progress. When he underwent the surgery, I was amazed by how strong he was. Ruba mobilised her contacts, spoke to with several organisations and succeeded in obtaining funding for a prosthetic hand.

The operation was made possible thanks to support from the European Union humanitarian budget. I had a horrible experience but mine pales in comparison to the reality being lived by Syrians on a daily basis. I was lucky to remain alive.

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I know many people who were imprisoned, gone missing, or killed in explosions. I was offered a new life. I force myself to live a normal life and work. He has started a new life in Lebanon and is working as a mobile phone seller for a Lebanese businessman.

The prosthetic hand helps a lot. The only problem is that there was no ring on it.

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Hassanns story

Get in touch First Name Last Name International Medical Corps UK will send you emails about our work and how you can contribute to that work using the data you provide. You may unsubscribe at any point.However the ameer of the Jamaat-e-Islami, Munawar Hassan, went all out in defence of the Taliban and termed Hakimullah to be a brave martyr who went down fighting against the infidel forces.

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