How to do 3d writing alphabets

It is an awesome feeling to be able to draw something that looks like it is ready to pop off the the 2D page.

How to do 3d writing alphabets

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How to Make 3D Letters/pop Up Letters - Snapguide

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Shadows will go on the right side of all the lines in your letter. 2. Shadow size is equal to stroke width. 3. Shadows taper off on curves.

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4. It’s a good idea to add shadows to horizontal strokes. Most of us were taught in school that primitive people began using simple picture writing, but that as mankind progressed, alphabets were invented to represent the sounds of words, being a huge step forward because it allowed a hundred thousand words to be represented with only a handful of symbols.

Text Effects Vector Typography 3D 3D Text Graphic Design Follow this new quick tip and learn how to create simple 3D letters without the use of the 3D effects.

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We will start from a simple font and after a few adjustments we are going to be ready to create the 3D look with the help of the Transform effect and a few shape manipulations.

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Select all the letters and from the fly-out menu of the Appearance panel choose Add New Fill.

how to do 3d writing alphabets

For visual purposes change the fill color then go to Effect > Distort & Transform and apply the Transform effect. After that, select Expand Appearance and Ungroup from the Object menu.

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