Human behaviour and performance are the

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Human behaviour and performance are the

Next Page content The Commission recognizes the right of the employer to manage its workforce, including relying on discipline when necessary. A progressive performance management approach that takes into account accommodation needs, and is consistently applied and documented, is a best practice.

Performance appraisals and evaluations provide a tool for employees to know whether or not they are meeting expectations and to have an opportunity to improve. Such evaluations must be conducted regularly, consistently and fairly.

The process for, and frequency of, performance evaluation should be set out clearly so that all managers, supervisors and employees know what to expect. This is for the benefit of both the employee and the employer. When employers do not have good practices in place or do not follow the normal practice of performance evaluations, they leave themselves open to allegations of discrimination within their organization.

An employer rarely does performance evaluations and is somewhat lax about performance management — usually relying only on undocumented verbal warnings.

A racialized employee raises concerns about discrimination and shortly afterwards his supervisor begins a process of performance evaluation. He is asked to meet with his supervisor every month to discuss his performance.

Ultimately, he receives a letter of termination based on his negative performance evaluations over the previous six months. The employee alleges reprisal. One example is if an employee is asked to rate him or herself and then discuss this with the manager.

A best practice is for an organization to have clearly defined Human behaviour and performance are the relating to disciplinary processes and outcomes. Discipline should range from verbal warnings to written warnings to termination and be based on objective criteria.

A pregnant employee is not provided with a written evaluation of her performance, is given less time than other employees to meet performance objectives and is demoted before leaving for maternity leave. This could be viewed as sex discrimination. At the same time, discipline should not be based on or linked to discriminatory assessments or criteria.

A young female account manager is given a written warning and denied a bonus because her performance is not on par with her colleagues.

Human behaviour and performance are the

A contributing factor is that she has only been assigned individual accounts rather than the corporate accounts that yield much larger commissions. The disciplinary action could be challenged as discrimination based on age and gender. Take care to make sure that employees with similar performance problems are subjected to similar types of discipline.

Smith, a white male, is constantly late for work, but his supervisor has never warned him about this inappropriate behaviour. Lyn, a Chinese male, was late twice and received a warning letter from the supervisor.

Human behaviour and performance are the

There may be a perception on the part of Mr. Lyn that the supervisor is treating him unfairly, because Mr. Smith never received a similar letter. For example, a severe change in an employee's behaviour could signal that the situation warrants further examination. Progressive performance management and discipline and referrals to employee assistance programs should be used before sanctions or termination are considered.

Mental illness should be addressed and accommodated in the workplace in the same way as other disabilities. A recent decision of the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario has confirmed that an employer is liable if it does not accommodate the needs of an employee with a mental illness, such as bipolar disorder.

The employer must go through the process of determining and implementing accommodation options before making the decision that an employee cannot fulfill the essential duties of the position.

Prudent employers should try to offer help and support to employees before imposing severe sanctions. Also, consider that some mental illnesses may make the employee incapable of identifying his or her needs.

John has severe anxiety and depression, which he has chosen not to disclose to his employer because he is concerned about how he would be treated at work if it were known that he had a mental disability. He experiences a crisis at work and then does not appear at work for several days.

The employer is concerned about John's absence and recognizes that termination for failure to report to work may be premature.

The employer offers John an opportunity to explain the situation after treatment has been received and the situation has stabilized. Upon learning that a medical issue exists, the employer offers assistance and accommodation.

Such policies and programs must be applied in a way that meets the requirement to accommodate to the point of undue hardship, including individual assessment where appropriate.

A policy or program that provides for counselling, automatic discipline, enrolment in a punitive attendance management program or termination based on a set number of absences may give rise to claims of discrimination based on grounds such as disability, family status, sex and creed.

The Commission has heard that a number of employers have policies that state that any employee who takes more than six sick days off in a year will be enrolled in an attendance management program and performance managed with consequences up to and including termination.About Performance Management.

An important component of developing employees is a comprehensive and well executed performance management system incorporating elements such as regular one-to-one meetings, through to performance appraisals and processes to manage underperformance.

The relationship between cell phone use, academic performance, anxiety, and Satisfaction with Life in college students Author links open overlay panel Andrew Lepp Jacob E.

Barkley Aryn C. Karpinski Show more. The origins of behavior-based safety (BBS) are attributed to a number of different individuals in the fields of behavior analysis, organizational behavior, psychology, safety, and so on.

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