Humour utilised in war literature

But modern conflicts differ from that sui generis killing-fest of the early 20th century. Wars are more often intra-state affairs in which rival ethnic and religious groups attack each other, or oppressed groups and authoritarian governments do.

Humour utilised in war literature

Humour, depending on the level of comprehension of the audience to which it is directed, may be divided in three levels for analysis. There is a universal humour that can be understood by everybody, without regard to culture or formal education.

This humour, generally known as physical comedy, is of the cinematic or visual type, it is the humour in the silent movies, the early theatre and the circus.

I have called this kind of humour visual because it is usually concerned with images.

Humour utilised in war literature

Humour at the second level need not be as visual as on the first level. Sexual, political, or religious jokes, where humour acts as a relief from repression or inhibition, belong here.

This kind of humour has a close relationship with repression; it is also connected to the culture.

Humour utilised in war literature

Sexual humour connects with scatological humour, but requires a higher level of understanding or maturity. Comic types belong in this second level of humour.

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The third level of humour requires a high command of language and its stylistic devices. Its main channel of expression is irony. The audience for this sophisticated humour is cultivated and refined. In it we distinguish two kinds: It is an elitist or high class humour.

The humour of the third level never loses its touch of class and charity. The study, focused on the narrative, is limited to examples of a few authors as representative of different cultures that, in spite of their differences, happen to have some elements in common.

As the possibilities of the lower levels become exhausted the individuals and genres tend to move to the higher levels of humour. Abstract shortened with permission of author.First World War and the end of the Second World War in literature produced between and the present.

Historical Humor ( books)

American literature can also be categorised along ideological lines, reflecting the way. Aside from coping with fear, humour was also present in Staniforth’s letters as a way of making light of the arduous work which many soldiers undertook away from the front.

As we’ve marked the centenary of the first world war in , the great poets of that conflict – Wilfred Owen, Siegfried Sassoon, Rupert Brooke – have brought the literature . As long as there has been war, there have been writers trying to understand it, turning battlefield horrors into narrative, trying to make something useful out of its debris, but in recent months an unusually high number of soldier memoirs have been released by American publishers.

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What Is It About the Literature of War?

Three novels in the s are there as well as a pair of Wodehouse books from the s. Two books about war show there is humor in the. Gallows humour from the trenches of World War I September 6, am EDT sometimes gallows humour was the only way to forget the horror of war.

and an Oxford undergraduate at the war.

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