Internet shop business plan philippines country

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Internet shop business plan philippines country

One of the most successful computer cafes in the Philippines, Netopia continues to offer computer services like printing, internet browsing, and gaming.

Is There a Demand Still? Internet Surfing Since the rise of mobile internet, the demand for computers for internet browsing has declined. You can simply acquire postpaid or prepaid plan from your mobile carrier and you can surf the net in no time. A lot of establishments nowadays are offering free WiFi hot spots so the need of renting a computer for internet browsing is decreasing.

Internet Surfing image source: I-Cafes offering printing services are still relevant nowadays because mobile phones and tablet cannot perform that task.

Scanning services on the other hand can be alternately done by just taking a picture of the document by a mobile phone camera and sending it immediately through e-mail of chat.

The quality is better since a lot of phones now have high resolution cameras.

How to Start an Internet Cafe and Pisonet Business

Video Streaming and Video Chat I-Cafes are the best venue to watch online videos and movies or stream videos live since they usually have a stronger connection as opposed to WiFi, where the bandwidth is limited.

Mobile internet can be used however with the existing cap per month by our major carriers, video streaming is now discouraged. Video Chat can be substituted with Face Time from a mobile device or tablet. With the rise of households having their own WiFi connection for security, the demand for online video chat in I-Cafes is low.

Skype Video Chat image source: Lets take a look on the development of E-gaming since its conception. We played the game for the next two years. We were willing to pay pesos per hour just to enjoy the thrill of firing different kinds of guns, throwing grenades and running when the C4 bomb is about to explode.

You can play alone or play with people inside the I-Cafe since you are all connected in a local network. So we pay the computer rent, plus the game itself!

Ragnarok Online Screenshot image source: Frozen Throne Map, which made us more hooked into because it brought a different style where individuals must work together in order to win the game. This game can be played locally, meaning no internet connection is required.

Or it can be played online through a 3rd party application like Garena. Dota 1 Screenshot image source: In order to be played, it requires a good and stable internet connection.

Dota 2 Screenshot Image source: I-Cafes that are situated inside malls offer 1 PhP per minute or 60 per hour.

internet shop business plan philippines country

Printing Services vary depending on the kind of print laser, ink jet and the color black, colored. Setting-Up Your I-Cafe Given you have the right location, the services your cafe will going to offer determine its success.

For example, if you want to stream videos and print some documents, you would look for a cafe like Netopia. If you want to play games at a high level, you would probably prefer a Cafe like the Mineski Infinity Cyber Cafe.

It is all about catering only one of the two. Netopia Branch Inside a Mall image source: Since most e-games are played with a strong internet connection, combining it with live streaming and watching YouTube videos will cripple their game play and customers might prefer playing elsewhere next time.

On the other hand, the excitement and energy of the gamers may disturb people watching videos or having video chats, leading them to look for a peaceful I-Cafe next time. The overall satisfaction of the customers is one of the key for the success of I-Cafes.

If you offer them the smooth game-play and fast streams, they will simply go back over and over again and may bring some of their friends around. Things to Consider E-Gaming If you plan to focus on e-gaming, the hardware specifications of your PC must meet and exceed the recommended requirements of each game.

Internet Cafe: Still A Profitable Business in the Philippines

Internet connection is another major thing. Your goal here is to provide an amazing gaming experience for your customers. Inside the Mineski Infinity Cyber Cafe image source: Your E-Gaming shop can also be a venue for tournaments which is an added revenue and exposure for you.

You can customize your ink jet for a continuous ink system. Web cameras and headsets are a must for video streaming and chatting. A fast internet connection is important too since your goal here to is to provide a smooth connection with minimal lag to start internet cafe, philippines internet packages, philippine internet cafe, internet cafe business plan philippines Internet shop packages Now serving Internet Cafes in Metro Manila.

Outsource Smart: Be Your Own Boss Without Letting Your Business Become the Boss of You [Daven Michaels] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The New York Times and Los Angeles Times Bestseller Be your own boss, do what you love. Initial Requirements for a Computer Shop Business or Internet Cafe Business: Starting this type of business would require a good amount of capital depending for the number of computers to be put up.

For a 15 computer setup, I think around ,, thousand php will work.

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This article is for you. Internet Cafe and pisonet are truly one of the most profitable business in the Philippines today. Imagine, it converts every minute of your life into money.

internet shop business plan philippines country

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