Legislative critique

Associates and followers of Leon Trotsky were organised in the Left Opposition within the Communist parties before they were purged in the Moscow Trials in the s. Trotskyist differ from most other ideological manifestations on the "anti-Stalinist left" in that they, like Marxist-Leninists, also claim to be Leninists.

Legislative critique

Dallam Leadership Council Citation: A systematic examination of false memory claims. E-mail address getinfo haworthpressinc. This article critically examines the assumptions underlying "False Memory Syndrome" to determine whether there is sufficient empirical evidence to support it as a valid diagnostic construct.

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Epidemiological evidence is also examined to determine whether there is data to support its advocates' claim of a public health crisis or epidemic. A review of the relevant literature demonstrates that the existence of such a syndrome lacks general acceptance in the mental health field, and that the construct is based on a series of faulty assumptions, many of which have been scientifically disproven.

There is a similar lack of empirical validation for claims of a "false memory" epidemic. It is concluded that in the absence of any substantive scientific support, "False Memory Syndrome" is best characterized as a pseudoscientific syndrome that was developed to defend against claims of child abuse.

Amnesia, child sexual abuse, epidemic, false memory, incest, legislation, pseudoscience, public policy, recovered memory, syndrome evidence, suggestibility.

The syndrome was described and named by the families and professionals who comprise the False Memory Syndrome Foundation see Freyd, Marchp.

Proponents of the syndrome claim that it is occurring at epidemic levels, and some have gone so far as to characterize it as the mental health crisis of the s e. Critics, on the other hand, have suggested that the syndrome is based on vague, unsubstantiated generalizations, which do not hold up to scientific scrutiny e.

This article critically examines the assumptions underlying the concept to determine whether there is sufficient empirical evidence to support "False Memory Syndrome" as a valid diagnostic construct.

Despite research showing that children rarely confabulate stories of abuse e. As a result, legal and mental health professionals have tended to be overly suspicious of and unresponsive to reports of sexual abuse Clevenger, In the s, some incest victims attempted to hold their abusers accountable by seeking compensation in courts for abuse-related injuries.

Although, many had corroboration for their abuse, most lawsuits were disallowed because the time period i.

Legislative critique

Most state laws consider sexual abuse to be a personal injury, which tend to have short statute of limitations. Consequently, actions were generally time-barred by a victim's 19th or 20th birthday -- an age where most people are still dependent on their parents.

Armed with a growing body of research and clinical literature e. Many states responded by extending statutes of limitations for civil actions related to child sexual abuse and, for the first time, many incest perpetrators were within reach of the law.

Accused parents, many of whom were affluent and respected members of the community, sought out defense lawyers and psychological experts for help in defending against abuse-related claims.All material submitted to or retrieved from this system (except publicly-available material obtained from third-party sources) is confidential, and may not be disclosed or disseminated outside the Department except as expressly authorized by the Director’s Office or the Office of Legislation.

*Obtained from tax forms filed with the IRS. Membership figures were only documented on IRS tax forms for 2 years " and By January of , Pamela Freyd announced that the epidemic of false memories was winding down.

The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements By Kevin MacDonald Preface to the First Paperback Edition.

Political Philosophy: Methodology. Political philosophy begins with the question: what ought to be a person's relationship to society? The subject seeks the application of ethical concepts to the social sphere and thus deals with the variety of forms of government and social existence that people could live in – and in so doing, it also provides a standard by which to analyze and judge.

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