Mba finance sop

What is an MBA? Types of MBA courses?

Mba finance sop

In this article, we take a quick look at the career options after an MBA with specializations in Marketing, Finance, Operations, and Technology.

What are the industries that offer rewarding careers to these MBAs? What are the job descriptions and salaries? What are the popular companies?

Types of jobs after MBA in Marketing Better marketing is the panacea that companies have prescribed for themselves to ward off the ills of recession.

Mba finance sop

Therefore, MBAs from the Marketing stream are even more sought after than they were in good times earlier. Industries and job titles: A buffet of various jobs in industries such as retail, banking, hospitality, media, information technology IT and information technology enabled services ITESand fast-moving consumer goods FMCG is lavishly spread before them.

Jobs are available with titles such as brand manager, sales manager, marketing manager, product manager, market research analyst, media planner, and Internet marketing manager.

Mba finance sop

In a nutshell, a brand manager is responsible for the promotion and placement of the brands of a company and data collection of rival brands. A sales manager sets sales targets and monitors distribution and customer service.

A marketing manager evolves marketing strategy but also focuses on retaining customers. A product manager manages the delivery of products to customers and is also in charge of the profitability and market growth of products.

A market research analyst devises methods of data collection, analyses data, conveys the data to the business development team, and helps in evolving marketing strategies.

A media planner selects the means of advertising products and helps the marketing team meet targets. Career progress and salary of MBAs in Marketing depend on their capacity to innovate.

For example, an inventive marketing manager may rise through the ranks to become product development manager and even vice president of marketing or CEO.

The annual salary in India may range from Rs. Top b-schools for MBA in Marketing: Read more on the best MBA programs in Marketing. Probably, this is because the degree program provides an opportunity to the student to specialize in various fields such as international finance, investment management, taxation, tax planning, financial statement reporting and analysis, and insurance management.

Finance professionals study and forecast economic trends, balance risk and profitability, analyze company reports and suggest improvements, take steps to maximize stock value, manage funds by choosing investment portfolios, and apply the principles of financial risk management.

Popular companies include J. Financial analysts earn about Rs. Top b-schools for MBA in Finance: Read more about the top MBA programs in finance.

Types of jobs after MBA in Operations Operations management is becoming more and more popular among b-school aspirants, and the number of MBAs in this specialization is going up. So is the competition for jobs. In this scenario, MBAs in Operations can stand out from among job aspirants by learning about Six Sigma and Lean methodologies, says a Purdue University official quoted in a website article.

Today, it is a valued specialization across all industries, including telecom, IT, and e-commerce.What Happens To Pre-MBA PE Associates that Get an MBA and Don't Break Back In?

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Watch the video. And please ‘Like’ it, if you find it useful. In this article, we take a quick look at the career options after an MBA with specializations in Marketing, Finance, Operations, and Technology.

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