Molly pitcher research paper

Introduction to the American Revolutionary War:

Molly pitcher research paper

However, Molly Pitcher broke the trend by not only being a war hero, but a loyal wife and hard worker. Mary was a short woman who often wore a white dress.

Over this she wore a striped skirt. This skirt was split in the middle, and pulled to either side. She also wore a white frilled cap. Her actions during the Battle of Monmouth on June 28, became legendary.

Molly pitcher research paper

There is some misunderstanding about the actual identity of Molly Pitcher. That she actually existed there is no doubt. Some sources claim that her original name was Mary Ludwig, and that she was born in to German immigrants.

Now, other sources claim that her original surname is unknown, though she is thought to have been Irish. Foukle in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. At age 16 she met and married a man by the name of Hays. Military records indicate that her Molly pitcher research paper was William Hays, who enlisted as a gunner in a Pennsylvania artillery regiment in Apparently John Hays was never listed as a member of the artillery.

Mary, nicknamed Molly had a desire to be near her husband and eventually joined her husband as a campfollower during the Philadelphia Campaign in New Jersey.

Their shoes had holes in them from tramping over miles of rough ground. They had no blankets or warm clothes. Molly and other women who followed the men to Valley Forge did whatever they could to help. They cooked and cleaned, washed and mended clothes, and nursed the sick. On June 18, the British army with artillery, supplies and the loyalist populace of the city left Philadelphia and began the march to the Northeast.

Molly Pitcher Essay

General Washington marched east from Valley Forge seeking to intercept the slow moving British column. When Washington arrived at the nearby Monmouth courthouse on the morning of June 28,he ordered his generals to attack the British. Washington ordered General Charles Lee to lead an advance guard of soldiers to attack the British.

He would send in a rear guard of more men soon after the fighting was under way. General Lee, who had been opposed to an all out engagement with the British, was reluctant to attack, but he and his advance force were drawn into battle by British forces.

Lee lay to the west of the Middletown road and should have delivered a coordinated attack on the slow moving British column. Properly planned this could have halted the British withdrawal to the northeast and enabled the main American army under Washington to attack from the rear.

It seems that Lee gave no proper orders to his commander.

Molly pitcher research paper

He tells his generals he will have to make plans as he encounters the enemy and learns their situation. He does not gather information or look at maps. Now, most of the soldiers, including George Washington, said good-bye to the women who had joined them at Valley Forge.

When he marched toward the colony of New Jersey, Molly followed. On the Sunday of June 28, it was a hot stifling day where the temperature approached degrees. Molly could see that the day was going to be a very hot one. She had spotted a green and mossy place where a spring gushed up. She ran and filled her pitcher with cold water.

On one of her trips to fetch water, she returned to see her husband fall wounded at his cannon.

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The Daughters of the American Revolution is an organization with a deeply rich history while also being truly relevant in today’s world. More than , women have joined the organization since it was founded close to years ago.

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Molly Pitcher Essay