Socio cultural symbolisms as potrayed in

Produced in association with Visible Knowledge Project Increasingly historians have moved away from a history that chronicles battles, treaties, and presidential elections to one that tries to provide an image of the way daily life unfolded for the mass of people: Film has an important role to play in these histories. While traditional historical documents tend to privilege great events and political leaders, historians now use other records to discern the lives of "ordinary" people: Film is perhaps more like these records of daily life than it is like the documents that record great events.

Socio cultural symbolisms as potrayed in

This "Allah" connotation would ostensibly extend to Bahasa Malaysia Bibles and at mass and prayer sessions conducted in the National Language. Why this sudden urge to write, read, converse and preach in Bahasa Malaysia?

Who would be the end-user of these Malay Bibles? Uncle Ignatius Lourdesamy down the street? What about his extended family who all grew up speaking and reading and writing English and perhaps some Tamil though they may not admit it and whose only exposure to Bahasa Malaysia was at school and in filling various borangs and permohonans at the pejabat kerajaan?

You truly believe these Christian Anglophiles would be reciting their holy scriptures in Malay? Praising "Allah" and the Son of "Allah" in a language synonymous with Malay hegemony and stuffy government bureaucracy?

What about Arabic Bibles? Do Christian Arabs use "Allah" in their scriptures? Would Hindus and Buddhists and Sikhs and Taoists and various traditional faiths dotting our hinterland also regard "Allah" as their God or supreme deity? They have their own Gods with their own God-names since antiquity.

Yeah, how do you express a non-Islamic "God" in Malay? Is this the issue?

Socio cultural symbolisms as potrayed in

Is this what the masalah is all about? You know why this became a masalah? Because you church people are largely language retards when it comes to Bahasa Malaysia. Cannot be that hard lah.

No "r" or "d" or "sh" to twist your short tongue. You can pooja as much of this Tuhan as you want, and can knot parables of sons and virgin mothers and assorted miracles for this Tuhan of yours.

I can live with that. In the name of God Like this where got one Some of you still not satisfied? You still want my "Allah"? Still want your day in court? Still want to be an agent for turmoil and conflict in this country?

Do you really believe "Anak Allah" would make sense, especially to the Malays and Borneo natives that you plan to Christianise? Why this insistence on "Allah"? Would the religious experience of Malaysian Christians be less profound if my Allah is not used in your Malay scriptures?

Is this a case of God-envy then? Ok, ok, if you really must worship a supreme being you want to call "Allah" to the extent of going to court for this holy privilege and creating a ruckus for the world to see, KijangMas has a solution for your troubled soul. Yeah, you can then face Allah in prayer five times a day and praise and glorify Allah the Merciful and the Compassionate every moment of your mortal existence on this Bumi.

Heck, throw in some cultural affinities on top of your language conversion since you all have seen the holy light and longed for prayers in Malayyou could even be called Bumiputras in your MyCard, and we will be one big happy family, sharing the Tuhan-given social privileges, free money, discounts, tongkats and all.

This marks the end of our Racial Polarisation. Still want to go to court? Haiya, why you fellas like to go to court ah? Bias lah, tipu lah, berat sebelah lah. So why still want to go to the Mahkamah? To make a mockery of the issue? To purposely subject my Tanah Air to ridicule in the world press?

Yes, we go to your ultimate Mahkamah. No, not the Queen of England lah dey. We can do better than that. We go straight to Vatican City. Yes, the Holy See, the abode of the Pope.21st Century Literature from Visayas: Voltaire Oyzon’s "Paglaba" Process in Washing the Clothes Personal Experiences 1.

Describe the setting. Is the setting essential to the theme of the poem? Explain. 2. Describe and characterize the persona. Provide textual . Chechens: Culture and Society is an ethnography that elaborates the lived experiences of Chechens, focusing primarily on relationships and socio-cultural norms within the context of the current conflict in the Chechen Republic.

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This article crystallises these phenomena with Tewfik al-Hakim’s play Fate of a Cockroach in mind. taking the political implications of such choices in socio-cultural context into It notes the inherent interplay of symbolisms embedded in these names, the social meanings constructed through the names, and the dynamisms which ISSN HOLY NAME UNIVERSITY In .

SOCIO-CULTURAL SYMBOLISMS AS POTRAYED IN NICK JOAQUIN’S SUMMER SOLSTICE SOCIO-CULTURAL SYMBOLISMS AS POTRAYED IN NICK JOAQUIN’S SUMMER SOLSTICE An Undergraduate Thesis Proposal Presented to the Faculty of the College of Teacher Education University of Cebu- Banilad Cebu.

21ST Century Literature from Visayas: Voltaire Oyzon’s "Pagl by Rouvinn Negradas on Prezi