Street food business plan uk template

Epilogue Introduction In recent years street food has become a hot topic, with people flocking from miles around to get a taste of the latest pop-up kitchen and develop a palate for the latest foodie craze. Originally food trucks were created to bring hot food to struggling areas of big cities, feeding the hungry workers who were often working very early or very late shifts and had no access to the usual restaurant opening times. These days however, food trucks are just as prolific as many of the highest quality restaurants, gastropubs and wine bars that you see on the high street, and people are actively seeking them out for a dining experience like no other.

Street food business plan uk template

The intended premise is a 65 square foot commercial property situated on the high street. The premise would be designed in a coffee shop format, with a counter serving various items, and a large section where customers could come in during opening hours and feel comfortable.

The major products sold would be coffee, tea, cappuccino, a variety of cakes, snacks and sandwiches, and food sold during lunch hours 12pm — 4pm.

street food business plan uk template

Therefore the major target market would be the general population of commuters, workers and people living within the neighbourhood, who would like widely desirable, yet religiously conscious meals. The coffee market is growing, and everyone eats good food, thereby signifying a need for our services.

However, our main competitors such as Starbucks and local cafes operate in close vicinity. The pricing strategy utilised for this street food business plan uk template would be that of value based pricing. Competition, cost-plus and market oriented pricing would be adopted for the different products we have on offer.

Several promotion strategies would also be adopted to promote the business. The business would be registered as a Sole Trader, with the owner, being the manager.

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Supervisors and Shop Assistants would also be hired. Breakeven period is in the 9th month of the first year. It is our objective to use this initial store as a stepping-stone towards higher sales and more store openings in neighbouring areas and throughout London.

We intend to become a multinational organisation just like Starbucks in 5 — 10 years, and we hope that you can join us in that dream.

street food business plan uk template

The business premises would be leased from the current owners, and a total of square feet would be secured up front, however, with the permission of the Landlord, only half of that space 65 square feet would be utilised in the first year, pending business growth.

The business premises is currently being refurbished by the previous owners, however once done, it would be situated in a strategic location within the neighbourhood, with easy access to public transportation and a short distance from the train station.

The premises would be designed to suite the coffee shop format, a counter would be situated adjacent to the main entrance, wherein customers can easily place their orders, whilst chairs and tables arranged in various seating formats, would be situated over the rest of the shop.

The facilities that would be present within the store for it to run smoothly are expressed in Table 3, which also contains a breakdown of the price and the total start-up costs. However, information pack and booklets would be sought form the Healthy and Safety Standards agency within Ealing. The business is required by law to register premises used for food businesses, and strictly follows food safety regulations Ealing, The business would be registered as a Sole Trader business, with me, Enilson Helder, being the sole owner of the business.

All income from the business would be recorded as personal income, and I would be liable for any debts incurred. All profits would be taxed as income. Carbonated and no-calorie soft drinks would also be sold.

During lunch periods, particularly between 12pm — 4pm, food menus would exists, cooked particularly by an outsourced chef, who would sell Rice, Chips, Chicken, Mashed Potato, Gravy amongst other lunch time meals. The refrigerator, coffee machines, microwave, dishwasher, and all other smaller but vital electronic equipments would be sourced from Comet www.

All other catering equipments such as plates, spoons, trays, would be sourced from Makro www. Food ingredients such as coffee beans, flour and sugar for in house baking or feed preparation would also be sourced from the superstore, as they offer a reasonable discount for small and medium business owners.

Sandwiches would be sourced from Gourmet Sandwich Co www. The lunch menu would be sourced by hiring an external chefs who cook on their premises and bring in the food during lunch hour, companies such as Sundrica www.

The services provided would be a hospitality service, wherein customers can come in, have a drink, eat lunch or a snack, and just relax. Sofas, in addition to wooden chairs, would be provided for customers that would like to have a seat with friends, and forget their time within the store.Business plan templates.

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Funding Your Street Food Business. Getting the money to start your venture can be one of the most difficult parts of starting a street food business. Whilst some people choose to fund it entirely themselves, this approach can be quite risky if things go wrong, so others often approach the bank for a loan or share the input 50/50 with a friend.

Most smaller street food traders use the “Safer Food, Better Business” packs, which are resources intended to help small businesses comply with their hygiene obligations. Any employees you have should be trained in food hygiene, with the level of training dependent on the job.

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