Walt disney leadership style

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Walt disney leadership style

Moreover, it also owns the Disney World, which is considered by many people as the number one vacation spot on Earth, with Disney calling it his greatest dream blended with imagination and storytelling. The planning and detail he put into his works and ideas were among the most important traits he exhibited.

Disney was creative and innovative, with his flair for art and creativity as his greatest trait, allowing him to keep up with technology and even making him an innovator himself.

He was able to set up his own art school for his employees when other art schools did not offer him what he needed to carry out his mission and eventually become successful. So, what did Disney really do to attain such fame and brought his business towards success?

Like any other successful organization or corporation, it is his how he led and managed the company. Now, let us take a deeper look into the Walt Disney leadership style. Walt Disney Leadership Style Elaborated When it comes to classic America, what comes to our mind would be the Super Bowl, jazz, fried food and a general boot-strap mentality.

But when it comes to American entertainment, it would most likely be the Disney Land. Countless films, TV shows, books, theme parks and more have all come out of this brand that is wildly successful.

So, what really is the Walt Disney leadership style? The Good Disney built his company from scratch and took it from obscurity to one of the most famous names in the US and around the world.

Walt disney leadership style

It originated from his projection of a sense of caring and trust between himself and his subordinates. While his business remained small, he also remained a driven and charismatic character who served as inspiration to all of his employees.

The Bad The company was all about growing its brand and its popularity. At first, this worked well for its employees, but soon, such a positive dynamic broke down. As it continued to grow, it increasingly relied on a factory setting to mass-produce everything that he needed.

Eventually, employees complained that it ruined a way of life that had a positive impact on working and destroyed their own motivation to help make the company better.

The Ugly At the heart of the company was a business model that is closely associated with an autocratic leadership style, which means that whatever Disney said, it was to be complied. Plus, he was known for firing people on the spot who disagreed with him.

Each time Disney succeeded, he used the achievement as a building block for his next big idea or, rather, risk. The fact that nobody else had done it was never a hindrance to Disney.

Go big or go home. People thought that he was crazy to buy thousands of acres of swamp land near Orlando, which is not known by most people, until now. Pros and Cons of the Walt Disney Leadership Style As previously mentioned, the Walt Disney leadership style is authoritarian, which is characterized by sole control over all decisions and little input from employees.

The leader is the one making choices based on their own judgments and ideas, and would rarely accept advice from his followers.

Pros This type of leadership can be beneficial in some situations, such as those when a decision needs to be made quickly without having to consult a group of individuals.

However, to get things accomplished efficiently and quickly, some projects need a strong leader.

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Well, have you experienced working with a group of people on a project that failed due to lack of leadership, poor organization and the inability to set deadlines?

You would see that all of your performance suffered as a result. In such a situation, a strong leader who is able to utilize an authoritarian style can take charge of the group, establish solid deadlines and assign tasks to different members for the project to be finished.

This leadership style is also good in a situation that is particularly stressful. It allows employees to focus on performing specific tasks without worrying about making complex decisions and to become highly skilled at performing particular tasks, which can benefit the whole company.

Cons People who abuse this style of leadership are often viewed as dictatorial, controlling and bossy, which can lead to resentment among his subordinates. Because authoritarian leaders make decisions without consulting other people, employees may be disappointed from not being able to contribute ideas.

According to research, this type of leadership would often result in lack of creative solutions to problems. While the Walt Disney leadership style does have some potential drawbacks, leaders can learn to utilize its elements wisely. Final Thought Nobody or, mostly, nothing is perfect, and so as leadership styles, which surely have good and bad qualities associated with them.The Leadership of Walt Disney Essay Words | 10 Pages.

Biographical Study The Leadership of Walt Disney Introduction This biographical study attempts to demonstrate the ways in which Walt Disney’s leadership influenced his followers through his method of leadership and the extent to which his followers influenced his leadership style.

Aforementioned, Walt Disney’s leadership style (with a middle LPC score) is considerably relationship motivated with a large proportion of his attention directed toward the correct execution of task management (Kirkpatrick and Locke ).

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Walt disney leadership style

LEARN THE SECRETS OF WALT DISNEY'S SUCCESS Acclaimed Disney expert Jim Korkis tells the stories of what Walt did right. Apr 06,  · While most companies strive to deliver seamless and issue-free customer service, what they often fail to understand is just how significantly their processes — good and bad — can impact their.

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5 Leadership Qualities We Learned From Walt Disney

CEO gathered his board of directors inside an intimate theater at the company’s Team Disney headquarters in Burbank. by Fritz Springmeier.

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