What true education should do

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What true education should do

Seat Belt Summons Dismissed. But At What Price??? Is North Carolina Constitutionally Immoral? Read the Blog article. Seat belt case moves to Australia -- with the question: What constitutes a legitimate government? Seat belt case now moves to Texas -- with the question: When biblical scholars go on record and state that the modern Church has virtually nothing in common with the original teachings which came to be known as Christianity see The Religion Of Roman Emperorsthe facts that confront the seeker of truth is often a conundrum of inconceivable proportions.

In view of the fact that these same biblical scholars and authorities themselves only possess a superficial and theoretic understanding of the original teachings -- and have never themselves fulfilled the scriptures within themselves as set forth in the Gospels -- then to ignore what they are stating, is representative of a total rejection of the most important spiritual teachings known to man.

Therefore the question must be asked: Is it the Original Jesus you believe in? Or the Jesus created by the Church of Rome? As stated by the biblical scholar and expert, the two are not even similar. It is a fact that modern believers have been so disenfranchised from the core teachings of Jesus and TheWay by the man-made dogma of the fourth century Church of Rome, that they would ignorantly reject these core teachings as heresy.

Moreover, the problem has become more complex, because secular authorities have been permitted to define the practice and purpose of religion as pertaining to blind-faith in the unknown -- which means that genuine spiritual religion remains an almost incomprehensible enigma to mankind today.

After What true education should do, the question would be asked: What could wearing a seat belt possibly have to do with religious faith? While it would be absurd to claim that wearing a seat belt was against the traditional faith-based concept of religion promoted by the Church and defined by the secular state today, a Spiritual Religion on the other hand is supported by a great multitude of disciplines and foundational concepts What true education should do teachings that must be recognized as totally foreign to entry-level faith-based religion.

And this is especially true of the despiritualized definition of religion which is promoted by the secular state today. So, the question at law then becomes whether only faith-based religion and blind belief is Constitutionally protected, or does the Constitution also protect the tenets and practices of a purely Spiritual Religion?

It must be noted that the original Constitutional Framers recognized Spiritual Religion as being superior to traditional faith-based religion, as presented on the American Spirituality website see http: In the original Gospel associated with the man Jesus known as TheWay, the objective and purpose of these teachings was to connect the person we are in this world with first our eternal higher soul-self, and ultimately the Indwelling Logos or Mind of God.

And to accomplish this, a wholeness of being and an expansion of mind must be brought about that is not at all understood by modern dogmatic faith-based Christianity. And in coming to terms with the possibilities presented, mankind has in fact opened the Pandora's Box of a reality that few comprehend.

And when properly analyzed, there are two images of the reality of man -- one is rarely spoken of, and not at all understood.

What true education should do

The culturally common perception of man is that he came into being at birth -- that his mind is empty and he is in need of being taught. The other image of the reality of man that is rarely ever mentioned or understood, is to some degree expressed in the words of Jean Piaget who stated: When you build upon a flawed foundational paradigm, then everything you attempt to build upon that foundation is equally and fatally flawed.

In the first image of self that is ascribed to by our majority of religious and philosophical authorities and icons of our very shallow culture, the child's mind is empty and in need of being filled. While in the second image that is rarely ever mentioned or understood, each child is understood to have an innate connection to a Source of Knowledge that greatly exceeds all the avenues of learning available to the child who has undergone the process of being taught in the traditional manner.

Which raises the question: If this is true, then what is the Source of this Knowledge? Moreover, if this Source of Knowledge does indeed exist, how can it be accessed? And if it truly does exist, then why can't everybody access it?

And thus, we find ourselves confronted by the great looming reality that, when you teach a child through rote memorization and programming in the manner that our religious and educational institutions do today, you forever alienate the child from even the ability to tap into that Inner Source, and truly begin to learn.

Which means that part of the process of embracing a genuine spiritual religion, is to undo the harm and spiritual disenfranchisement caused by traditional faith-based religion and our cultural systems of instruction and education.

This process of undoing the harmful effects of our traditional religious and educational systems which employ rote programming in their attempt to induce a condition of knowing is perhaps put in its proper perspective by Thomas Jefferson who wrote: Sadly, because our culture has endorsed the wrong foundational paradigm upon which man's consciousness is built and exists, only the most dedicated seekers of Truth are able to undo the harm inflicted upon them by teachers and instructors who believe they are doing good by programming the mind of the child with the existing body of philosophical and religious wisdom of mankind.

If the question is posed: Jesus taught that we not only have a highly developed pre-existing spiritual nature, but also portrayed us in the words: But Jesus also taught that man has a carnal nature that must be transformed -- and unless you loose the self you are in this world, that it will remain impossible for you to gain and enter into the life of the higher reality of the soul.

- The Washington Post

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